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We See Potential

At Aspris, we support individuals to fulfil their potential, no matter what their challenges may be. We believe that everyone we work with, from children to adults and colleagues, can excel in their own way.

We have three main groups of services which support the needs of children, young people and adults across the UK and the Middle East. They are:


In both our healthcare and children’s services, our highly-accredited professionals are committed to bringing lasting change for every young person and adult that we support. Our priority is to help everyone to embark on a better road ahead, learning the lifelong skills to stay on that path.

Our Children’s Services in the UK

At Aspris Children’s Services (formerly Priory Education and Children’s Services), we deliver specialised and highly individualised education, care and support that transforms lives. With an unwavering focus on achieving the very best outcomes, our network of schools, colleges, children’s homes and fostering agency empower children and young people to succeed with their education, whilst developing socially and emotionally.

We are deeply committed to helping children to achieve their unique goals and aspirations. This commitment is unwavering, whether we are working with young people with autism, learning difficulties, social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs, or supporting some of society’s most vulnerable children.

Find out more about our Children's Services in the UK here.

Our Children’s and Healthcare Services in the Middle East

In the United Arab Emirates, Aspris is maintaining the Priory Group’s prestigious reputation as a successful international service provider.

Our specialist educational services support young people with autism to engage with learning, achieve academically and prepare for a career, whilst building emotional, social and independence skills they can draw on throughout their life ahead.

Our state of the art Wellbeing Centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also provide high quality support for a wide range of mental health conditions, supporting both adults and children.

Find out more about our Children’s and Healthcare Services in the Middle East here.

Services led by experts

Our services are led by specialists who are highly experienced in their field, in first-class environments. Our expert teams are committed to providing education, care and support that places each individual at the heart of every decision we make. This person-centred approach ensures that our support is tailored to individual needs, helping to ensure that we achieve the very best outcomes for our clients.

All of our healthcare services follow the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines, meaning that the people we support receive the highest possible standards of care.

A commitment to safety and quality

Protecting those we support through our services is always our first priority. With strong governance structures embedded across all levels of the organisation, our teams deliver safe and effective services that consistently achieve the best possible outcomes. Our commitment to delivering the highest standards of education, care and support means that there is a continual focus on quality and improvement across our services.

Our values and behaviours

At Aspris, we are proud of our values and behaviours which were developed by our colleagues, children and young people. They shape our culture and underpin why our organisation is such a unique and exciting place to be, alongside influencing the positive work we do and how we do it.

Please find below our Aspris value statement and the five behaviours that underpin it:

Together we inspire and motivate

We are:

  • Aspirational
  • Positive
  • Fun and friendly
  • Courageous
  • Innovative


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